Nova Hospitality


Flexible, short-term assistance from one or more team members.


Long-term agreements, customized to fit your needs.


Full-time support, overseeing all facets of the business.


Launch, grow, or revive your business with Nova's experienced professionals.  Our consultants will guide, train and advise, elevating your team's culture and your guests’ experience; all while driving sales and finding efficiencies.  From marketing and operations to accounting, human resources and events, together we can customize a consulting package that is ideal for your restaurant, nightclub or bar.


We are more than simply advisors.  If your restaurant or nightlife business requires infrastructure and ongoing support, we are here to help.  Engaging with your leadership team throughout the process, Nova will identify all elements of your business that demand assistance, developing a scope of work and timeline for our team to implement positive change. 


Nova Hospitality is always looking for exciting lifestyle brands and teams to collaborate with.  Our expertise, infrastructure and capital can provide stability and growth for your business.  High-potential concepts/operations will benefit from our team's never-ending support.